How Marriage Has Trained Me

April 10th happened to be our 16 year wedding anniversary and we were celebrating at Magic Mountain with our kids. It wasn’t an ideal anniversary plan, but what could we do when Spring Break fall on the same week as the wedding anniversary? We figured after we got home we would celebrate in our normal fashion of dinner and maybe ask a friend to keep the boys for a night. That wasn’t nature’s plan.

The Ride of a Lifetime - Marriage and Children with Special Needs

I knew marriage was hard before getting married. My mom had always told me sometimes in marriage you will be in love and other times you will have to choose to stay with your husband. “The in love” feeling will not always be there, but it will come back you just have to hold on. Don’t ever tell my mom I think that was the best advice she ever gave me, but honestly I believe it is the one thing I have carried close to my heart daily for the last fourteen years.