Terms & Conditions

You must register and pay by the deadline or your child will not be able to attend the upcoming respite night.

Children, who need 1:1, please contact info@allinneed.org to register due to staffing and making sure all families have a chance to attend an All in Need event.

Depending on respite night attendances family may have to be put on our wait list so All in Need can serve as many families within the community.

A child is checked in and out at the entrance of the Children’s Ministry Center at Oak Park Christian Center.

Child will not be permitted to leave the facility with anyone other than the authorized pick up person.

If child is medically fragile and nurse isn’t available that evening. All in Need will not be able to offer care.

Additional change of clothes and extra diapers are required in case of an emergency. If a reasonable amount of diapers (no less than 3 per child) are not supplied and the child needs to be changed All in Need will: either purchase a small bag of diapers at a cost to the child’s parents of $25 or the parents will be called to come pick up their child. This decision will be made at the discretion of supervisor on staff.

Due to the program structure a child who arrives past 5:45 will not be able to stay for the evening. Doors will be locked at 5:50 for safety of staff and children.

Notify the Coordinator by 3:00 pm of your child’s absence anytime your child is scheduled to be at Respite Care but will not be attending. If child is a no show they will not be able to attend the next Revive, and if child is in nursery care parent is still has to pay fees. There is no refund or payment transfer due to absences. Families with a membership that have three unexcused no shows within the annual membership period will be removed from the Revive attendance list for the remainder of the current year. The only way to excuse an absence is through emailing info@allinneed.org or calling 925-257-4AiN.

If a child is picked up past 8:30 pm the parent will pay a $2 per minute late charge to the admin on duty. Please don’t make the admin ask for the fee.

For child with Special Needs:

  • Respect the leaders and the other children.

  • Be courteous and kind to the other participants.

  • Play safe. Follow instructions. Report injuries to group leaders.

  • Treat the church grounds, buildings, and property like your own home.

  • Comfort items from home are o.k. (please label)

  • Have fun and allow others to have fun!

For sibling (4 years to 8th Grade):

  • Same as above.

  • No personal items, toys, electronics, phones, etc.

  • Physical fighting, verbal or physical bullying, foul language, and harsh words will not be tolerated and are grounds for immediate dismissal.

For The Parents:

  • Review guidelines, and review them with your child.

  • Turn in necessary emergency forms and other forms requiring your attention.

  • Notify the coordinator of any leader or child’s concerns.

  • Only send your child if they are well. If your child has had a fever in the past 24 hours do not send them to Respite Night.

  • Drop off your child no earlier than 5:30 pm and pick up no later than 8:30 pm. If child is picked up past 8:30 pm the parent will pay a $2 per minute per child late fee paid to the coordinator on duty. If an emergency contact picks up child late, they are responsible for paying the $2 per minute charge. If a child isn’t picked up by 9:30 pm AiN will contact police and report child as abandoned.

  • Payments are due at registration not at the time of the event.

  • If payment is received after registration and there is room for the event for children to attend there is a $5 late fee per child.

  • If you have more than one child attending an AiN event and specials are running, please note you will only receive the special or the family discount. Which ever discount gives you the larger discount will be applied.


  • Child with special needs is $50 (Early Registration Rate) or $55 regular registration rate, payment at the door will be $55 + processing fee.

  • Siblings (4 years to 8th grade) are $36.25 for additional first child and $25.25 for any additional siblings over 2. Checks payable to All in Need, Family Support or payment can be made online through our registration page.

  • Payments at door is an additional $5.00 per child even if you pre-registered.

  • All payments are due before registration.

  • Returned checks are subject to a $25 fee.

  • $2 per minute per child late charge is to be paid immediately to the administrator on duty.

  • AiN offers Annual, Six Month, and Quarterly Memberships. Full payments for memberships can be made through Paypal or by check. Monthly installment payments are available through PayPal only.

I was provided the All In Need, Family Support Guidelines and understand and agree to the conditions as outlined.