Volunteer FAQs

Can my child volunteer?

If your child is at least 12 years of age, we would love to have your child volunteer! If your child is at least 12 years of age through 8th grade, please plan on joining them when volunteering. Children 9th grade to 12th grade can volunteer without parent support.

What type of positions can I volunteer for?

  • Coordinator

  • Group Leader

  • 1:1

  • Group Leader for Typical Child

  • RN/LPN

  • Administrative

  • Clean Up Crew

  • Sound Tech

  • Craft Leader

Explore volunteer position descriptions here.

What type of events can I volunteer at?

Revive – a three hour respite event offered once a month
Special Events – Three times a year
Fundraising opportunities

How long will I be at each event?

Revive is a 3 hour event.

Do I have to undergo a background check?

Yes, if you are 18 and over you must undergo a background check.

I have had a background check done at another location, can I bring a copy of the results?

No, all All in Need staff must complete a background check through All in Need.

What type of training do I need?

All in Need requires all volunteers to have their CPR card and First Aid card. (All in Need will not pay for your CPR or First Aid training)  You are also required to complete All in Need training, which will take about one hour.

Will I be paid?

No, this is a volunteer position and you will not be paid for any work that you do for All in Need.

Do I have a choice on the position I volunteer for with All in need?

Yes, we want you to feel comfortable and be able to serve families who need a break. We will not put you in a place that makes you feel uncomfortable. We want your volunteer experience and the family’s experiences to be positive.

Can my friends be with me while I volunteer at All in need?

No, everyone who is at All in Need needs to have completed training and a background check.

What if I get sick the day of the event?

Please call us at 925-257-4AIN and let us know as soon as possible so they can find a replacement for you.

How long is the commitment?

All in Need asks for a one year commitment. We are happy to work around your schedule but we ask for at least a year commitment due to the cost of training and background checks.

I am not comfortable helping out with special needs children, can I help out in other ways?

Yes, we have fundraisers throughout the year that we can always use your help with! If you want to help with children that are typical-developing, we have that too. Additionally, there is office support and so much more!

What will I be doing during these sessions?

Please visit the Volunteer Positions page to see different volunteering positions as well as brief descriptions of the duties and tasks involved with each position. 
PRO TIP: When volunteering wear sneakers and be ready for action in any position you work!