Our team is a crucial component to the amazing success and incredible stories and lives touched by All in Need.


Autumn Green, Executive Director

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Autumn is the founder of All in Need, Family Support. She holds a degree in Business Administration from Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon and is near completion of courses for her Bachelors in Early Child Development, with the goal of obtaining a multi-subject teaching credential--specifically in mild to moderate as well as moderate to severe disabled classroom.

Autumn’s own family story is the reason All in Need, Family Support began. Her oldest son has ADHD and Psoriasis. She has spent countless time in the school office and talking on the phone with teachers about her son’s lack of focus. Autumn’s youngest son has Aspergers, and she struggled to find the support and treatment Yaakov needed; feeling alone and isolated. Autumn was met with dead-ends at every turn, and frustration and hopelessness threatened to overwhelm her. After years of perseverance, the Green’s life has settled into a routine, and Yaakov is doing better, thanks to multiple rounds of speech therapy, OT, PT, many dedicated tutors and teachers, and the support, love, and discipline of his family.

Autumn continues to support and advocate for both her boys, while balancing an active life. Leaning on her faith and experience, Autumn decided to create a support system for other families with special needs children, and All in Need, Family Support was born. Recently relocating back to Oregon, Autumn is taking monthly trips to California to continue to support families with special needs in the Bay area. She is also training her son's English Cream Retriever to be his service dog. Autumn is a dedicated runner, running for a boy who has Autism. Autumn sends the medals from each of her completed races to him in New Jersey. If she isn't working, supporting her children, or running, you can find a kindle in her hands reading one of Debbie Viguie's latest books. She loves spending time hiking with her husband of 20 years.

Autumn was honored by the Mount Unified School District Community Advisory Committee on Special Education receiving the “You Make A Difference Award” in 2010. She received the Jane Harmarn-Frisbie award given by the Soroptismist in 2014 and was also honored during Woman’s History Month by Susan Bonilla, California Assemblywoman in District 14.

Angie Reese, Chair

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Angie was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota and attended college in Wisconsin where she earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology. Growing up in Minnesota, she discovered a passion for giving back to her community. She volunteered in various capacities for many groups including the Animal Humane Society, St. Stephens Homeless Shelter, Harvest Food Bank and Habitat for Humanity. Her career has included holding many positions in several relocation firms, and becoming Client Services Director for an international relocation company specializing in government contracts and bids.  She has traveled extensively in her career and has been privileged to meet and work with individuals from all corners of the globe.

Through a chance meeting at a music festival in Wisconsin, she met her future husband, Mike, and after a long distance romance, she relocated to the Bay area.  Together they have three children, Jack, Josie, and Jorja. Jack’s diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder brought new challenges and opportunities alike. It was at We Care’s summer camp where Angie and Mike first met Autumn and learned of the wonderful organization of All in Need. Her son, Jack, instantly bonded with Autumn and gave her the nickname she was destined to have—Awesome!

Becoming actively involved in the special needs community has brought out a new focus and drive in Angie to help other families access the services, support and community that is crucial to their success and happiness.

Stacie Mihalik, Vice Chair

Stacie Mihalik epitomizes the energy, empathy and attention to detail needed to deliver a stellar customer experience. Stacie grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. Her passion for exceeding customers’ expectations began during her tenure at Nordstrom, a company that excels at customer service. Over the last 15 years, she has built a successful career in marketing, helping companies optimize customer touch points, streamline marketing communications, and develop content that matters.

Beginning her career at boutique investment management firms in Los Angeles, Stacie then worked at a Cleveland bank’s headquarters, enticing customers in a corporate environment and winning recognition via HACR’s Young Hispanic Corporate Achiever program. Back in the San Francisco Bay area, Stacie launched into innovation related marketing and is excited about continuing to invent desire through car related technology with AAA.

Stacie holds a bachelor’s degree from UCLA and a Master of Business Administration degree from Michigan State University, where she studied marketing and finance.

Jennifer Kenny, Treasurer

Jennifer Kenny was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. She attended California State University, Chico where she earned a Bachelor's degree in Child Development. Subsequently, she completed her multiple subject teaching credential at Chapman University.  After working for several years in early childhood and primary education, Jennifer fostered her professional creativity and customer service skills at Crate&Barrel as Store Manager, HR Generalist and Talent Acquisition Recruiter.

Jennifer married her husband Brian in 2007 and they welcomed their daughter, Sara Grace, in 2010. Sara’s diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, along with several chromosomal syndromes, unwittingly opened up Jennifer’s insular world.

Jennifer is passionate about helping others. She has volunteered in various roles throughout her life. The ones leaving the most impact on her were her time at Legal Services of Northern CA and Rebuilding Together’s Building Healthy Neighborhoods Project in Columbus, Ohio.  

Currently, she volunteers at Sweet Beginnings Family Resource Center in Martinez, as well as serves on the Board of Directors for All in Need Family Support in Pleasant Hill, California.  Through her volunteer work, she has witnessed the beauty of difference and the depth of dimension in the full range of the human spectrum.