Here you will find other resources within the community that may be helpful to you and your child. Not all of these resources have been approved by All in Need, but have been mentioned by other All in Need families who have used their services.


Community Resources

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Bridgeway house

Bridgeway House serves the needs of children with autism and related abilities while educating and supporting their families. Our programs help this diverse group of children meet the challenges of living with autism as well as help their parents and caregivers manage the stresses of raising a child with special needs.

We provide best practice services including ABA therapies, social skills groups, academic support, education, summer camps, family social events, parent education and support, a private school for children with autism, and more.

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Regional Center

At the Regional Center of the East Bay we envision a future where people with developmental disabilities are truly a part of their community. We also recognize that individuals with developmental disabilities and their families have unique and changing needs. We seek to meet those needs by providing information and services that are community-based, flexible, accessible and responsive to each unique situation.

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Oak Park Christian Center

KidCompass provides educational and behavioral support to children 4 years old (toilet trained) through fifth grade with disabilities, during Sunday church services at 9:00 and 10:45 a.m. This ministry provides accommodations in order to facilitate Biblical learning and to promote positive fellowship and social interactions between children with and without disabilities. Our goal for these children is to include them in the programs we offer.



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Active Reading Center

ARC teaches through activity-base and builds on a thorough, systematic progression of skills that builds confidence through a series of manageable challenges. The program is based on the Reading Revolution™ method, a phonics-based program that: engages every intelligence and learning style through MULTI-SENSORY ACTIVITIES including physical activities (like treasure hunts and races) interactive games (we have hundreds!) songs (a wonderful, fun tool) manipulatives (things you can hold in your hand and rearrange) activity book pages many other language opportunities The resulting program is fun and effective — even for the most challenged learners!