Provide Support for Families of Children with Special Needs

Zoe, a 14 year old girl with special needs had a tight bond with Tyra’s sister before she left for college. Now Tyra is excited to continue that volunteer relationship.

There aren’t many non-profits that with multiple volunteers from one family, but All in Need is one of them.

Although they recently met, Tyra, a high school student, and Zoe already have a tight bond. During All in Need’s three hour respite session for families with special needs, they happily play with balloons or watch all the fun activities other children are participating in. This allows Zoe’s parents to go to dinner, spend time with siblings or just have time to themselves.

“I was unaware that so few programs like AiN exist to support special needs families and I want to continue to work with this community and help in any way that I can.” she says.

Most of all, Tyra’s looking forward to creating many happy moments with Zoe.

“I am very thankful that Autumn has organized this amazing program and feel very lucky to be a part of it.”

We need your help!

With your support, we can serve more children and attract more kind volunteers like Tyra.. Your contribution is fully tax-deductible and several payment options are available. We appreciate all donations and recognize all our contributors.

Our success depends on the generosity of the community. Please help us work to be a resource for families who face extra challenges — after all, everyone deserves a break here and there!