Be an Angel - Imagine that Your Child Can't Hear

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Parenting is challenging, and having a child who is hard of hearing takes it to another level.

This is the challenge that Gretchen Hazlett’s family faced. As a nine year old, Gretchen received cochlear implants. They helped amplify sound, but it was still challenging for her to discern speaking voices from background noise – a huge challenge in a classroom full of young children.

An FM listening system could help, but was not covered by insurance.

Fortunately, All in Need’s Angel Fund was able to help. Gretchen and her family received funds to help purchase an FM system that works with Gretchen’s implants to optimize a speaker’s voice despite background noise. Today her 3rd grade teachers and parents are happy to say that Gretchen can hear much, much  better.

With your support, we can help even more families like Gretchen’s. Your contribution is fully tax-deductible and several payment options are available. We appreciate all donations and recognize all our contributors.

Our success depends on the generosity of the community. Please help us work to be a resource for families who face extra challenges!