Our Children

Everyone loves a child
A child who laughs and plays.
A pretty face, a sparkling smile,
A child with winning ways.

But, is our love confined to those
who are perfect, well and strong?
Does it include all boys and girls
Who in another class belong?

A crippled arm or twisted leg-
Of course that matters not.
These children are still held so dear,
We cherish them a lot.

But then sometimes we see a child
Who has a crippled mind.
Out of the shadows he looks on
Love and trust to find.

He may be cast aside by some
Forgotten, hidden, lost!
This special child whose lonely path
A great affliction crossed.

He needs our wisdom and our strength.
He needs our help and care.
To God all children are the same
And they are ours to share.

So let us lend a special note
Of warmth for children who
Will never reach the mental age
That other children do.

Edna Massimilla