Keep the New Names Coming In - Renaming Respite Care Contest

Here are a few names that have been entered for our contest: “Revive,” “Night Out,” “The Place I Fit In,” “A Place to Fit in,”” “”The Place I Blend In,” “A Place to Blend In”

Keep the names coming in!

We Are Renaming Our Respite Care Event and We Need Your Help!

The Mission of All in Need, Family Support is to provide support to families with children, ages 18 and under, that have special needs in the East Bay Area. By offering respite care in a nurturing and learning environment; promoting social interaction, gross and fine motor activities all in a sensory based atmosphere.

Join us on Facebook to help us rename our Respite Event. This event is a three hour respite where children 0 to 18 years of age enjoy fun activities not even knowing they are working on fine and gross motor skills, building friendships and learning to communicate with others around them. While children are escaping in fun and discovery parents get three hours to rejuvenate. Parents: You too can discover fun; take a nap go out, enjoy a date, spend some one on one time with a sibling. Your kids are working hard and having fun, go and enjoy your evening.

To join our contest:

1. Become a fan on Facebook
2. Please leave a comment “I think the Respite event should be called _____”

All entries must submitted by Sunday, September 30th.
AiN will decided on a winner at our October 4th Board Meeting.

The winner will receive a free Respite Event for October!