Some Bunny Loves You Egg Hunt

All in Need’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt celebrates Spring by offering an unique egg hunt for children with special needs and their families. This event welcomes 50 children to participate in finding 1,200 eggs and each child who attends will receive an Easter Basket to bring home!


Bunny Stopping by for a Visit

Autumn’s oldest son, Austin, dressed in the bunny costume to send love to one of our AiN kiddo’s.  We also wanted her to know that the bunny will be stopping by for a quick visit.

The following day, Autumn and Juliana, who was dressed as the bunny, hopped over for a quick visit and drop off her Easter Basket.

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Children with Special Need’s Some Bunny Loves You Egg Hunt

Some Bunny Loves You - 1It has always been the founder’s dream to hold an Easter Egg Hunt for children with special needs. Of course this dream came from watching her youngest son, many years ago, try to pick up Easter eggs and having issues with his gross motor skills he would drop the plastic eggs and spill them out of the basket around him and other children would grab them all. Of course, he was younger so he didn’t grasp what was happening but being a mommy it just broke her heart to watch.

Togos-MedallionFor several years it has been a goal to offer this event to children with special needs, and finally this April AiN offered Some Bunny Loves You Egg hunt. It was successful due to ToGo’s and Dave at Prudential’s donations which allowed each child to bring home their own Easter basket! Dr. Tanner and Dr. Reichhold Orthdonics also donated to make sure we could fill over 500 eggs! Colorful plastic eggs came from Ann at Pleasant Hill Chamber of Commerce, Sherly, Cathy, and we even had 250 of them donated by a supporter from New Jersey! But, that isn’t even close to being all that helped out in this event. We had local boy scouts come in and volunteer, AiN volunteers, and two board members came in and helped out, Erica who did registration and Emily who took the pictures. We had five local businesses that partnered with AiN to giving children the opportunity to participate in an Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt: Slow Hand BBQ, Safeway, Ann’s Sunshine Café, Encounter Music, and Round Table Pizza. Of course, we cannot forget the Easter Bunny that was there, thank you Austin Green for taking on this role, and the bunny costume was made possible by a supporter in Oregon!PRU_TAG_LOCKUP_SM_042511

We had about 8 kids all younger children or children who needed more support to start the morning off with the field egg hunt where the Easter Bunny gave the go to hunt eggs. Many of the children filled up their basket and dumped it out on the side lines and went back for another basket full! The event was calm and children took their time hunting their eggs and with 8 kids having the opportunity to grab more than 20 eggs each they were sure to get their sugar rush and miniature toys.

egg hunt rath 8The photographer, Emily, took pictures of the event but also took pictures of the children with the Easter Bunny. Also, children could get their face painted by Ka’ae and have balloon animals made for them by Yaakov after the field event.

slow handsunshineAt 9:45 the older kids headed down Oak Park Blvd with volunteers. Where their first safewaystop was Slow Hand BBQ. First the children had to outline their hands with chalk then go ask Maureen for their egg and the next clue. The next clue sent them to Safeway where the kids had to purchase something under $2 and thenrequest their eggs and get next clue. Next they went to Ann’s Sunshine Café where the children had to wait patiently for Easter eggs and the next clue which sent them to Music Encounter. The children had to perform their best air guitar while the owner played his guitar for them. He made sure each child got an egg and then gave the next clue. The last stop was Round Table Pizza where the children had to make their own pizza with play-doh and have the staff judge which one of these play-doh creations they would serve. The kids then headed back up to the field where they started where 100 eggs waited in the field to be grabbed up and put in their Easter encounterround table

As the children left the event they grabbed the baskets that ToGo’s and Dave at Prudential made possible.
It was a calm successful event that couldn’t have been done without so many supportive community members, and Autumn, the founder, was in heaven being able to offer this event to the community!