Cookies with Santa 2015 an Event for Children with Special Needs

Santa had contacted AiN’s Executive Director, Autumn Green explaining that he couldn’t make it to Breakfast with Santa this year. Autumn was disappointed she had already planned on making Green and Ham for the Dr. Seuss Christmas theme.  She understood the schedule conflict, so she agreed to have Santa join the kids on Saturday, December 12, 2015 for Cookies with Santa.



What a hit! 30 plus kids registered one of the two 45 minute sessions.  Kids rotated through four stations: Cookie station, art station, sensory station and Santa station. While they waited to see Santa they were able to look at books.logan2

With donations from Maggie Wolf each child received a stocking stuff full of goodies, and of course Santa had presents for each child. (2 books) which was possible by the sponsors of this event. Santa, Mrs Claus and Karen De Jager at Spectrum Photography worked extremely hard to make sure every child had a positive interaction with Santas Claus.  Santa was even willing to pop out from behind a chair so that the family had one photo with Santa and their daughter.


Thank you to all our sponsors: Matt Rinn at State Farm, Debbie Smith at AHA Movement, Margret Miner at VinoCruising, Joe Stokely at Stokely Properties, and Michael Bronies at J. Rockcliff Realtors. We cannot forget all the other 1volunteers that put hours into preparing for this event. This event wouldn’t have been successful without you. A special thank you to Jen Tipton, who made dozens and dozens of cookies for this event.

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Crowdrise Campaign Results Keep Rolling In

condeAll in Need, Family Support (AiN) brought you two stories this last month for our first ever fundraising campaign. Special Needs Means Special Parents where Doug and Kellie Conde shared their story of raising a son with Autism and how it affects their every day life. How their communication has become a list of To Do’s, but not a chance to share their days with one another. In their story they are able to find some relief, and focus on their marriage once a month through AiN’s Revive Program. Revive allows parents to drop off their children once a month for three hours. While the kids are in AiN’s care the kids are working on fine motor, gross motor, speech, and social activities. Everything therapist gave to Autumn Green, the founder of AiN, to work on with her son she took it and incorporated into the program. This first story pulled in $1,000 with Matt Rinn, a State Farm agent who made a large donation pushing AiN overall our goal.

AiN never expected that the first campaign would reach their goal, so they up it to $2,500 with the release of their second story. Greatsean joni Couples Make Great Teams, this story is shared by Sean Posadas and Joni Fortini about raising their daughter Zoe. Zoe has been coming to AiN’s events for years and Sean even mentions that they feel like they are leaving Zoe with family. AiN makes sure Zoe has a 1:1 in place, so that the couple can enjoy their evening once a month. With this additional story AiN brought in another $750!

Here is the campaign breakdown as of November 11th. This campaign brought in $1750 and a donation also will be matched by a donor’s employer, pulling the total up to $2000 after fees AiN will bring just below $1,750!

Here at AiN, we would like to thank Doug, Kellie, Sean, and Joni for sharing their stories! Because of you our campaign was a huge success! Thank you all who support our campaign. We look forward to serving East Bay families another year!


AiN Walks for Mito 2015

11147082_1123227761028061_4454931570207503356_nAll in Need Family Support (AiN) put a team together for the Energy for Life Walkthon in the San Francisco  Bay Area which was held on April 18th. The team consisted of board members and volunteers and friends,  together we we’re able to hit our goal of $700 for the research for mitochondrial disease.

United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation says, “mitochondrial disease results from failure of the mitochondria specialized compartments present in every cell of the body expect for red blood cells.” It further saying that, “mitochondrial is responsible for creating more than 90 percent of the energy needed to buy a body to succeed in life and support growth and support growth.”

AiN chose to walk the Energy for Life Walk, a 5k, which supports the research for mitochondrial disease because two of our children at AiN have mitochondrial. We wanted to show our support and love for these children and their families by walking with them at the Mito Walk. AiN loves Erin and Kevin!



Girl Scouts Working on Their Silver Award While Supporting Children with Special Needs

11149546_936231416407314_4458186565040245904_nTo be honest Autumn Green, Executive Director, was looking forward to the 8:45 pm on April 18th. After having her youngest son sick for a week, running a fever of 104.7 throughout the week, than participating in the Mito Walk, then heading directly to Concord Sportsmen’s Club for their fundraiser that benefited All in Need, Family Support (AiN), she still had to get through Revive!

However, this Revive was special event where the Girl Scout Troop 31090 came out to teach the kids about aromatherapy. This group of girls have been working on their silver project award, and decided to help AiN out! The group of girls did an amazing job, and I was impressed how the leaders allowed the girls to take control of the project and work with some very little guidance.  We at  AiN were thrilled to have all the girls there, but one of those girls holds a special spot in our hearts. We had our very own AiN Youth member there leading along with her troop.

Troop 31090 did a fabulous job and it was wonderful to have typical developing peers working along side peers with special needs.  We are truly grateful that we could partner together and support learning between AiN kiddos and the Girl Scouts!11118858_936231369740652_3946584694929388655_n

“Back to School” Fundraiser

destinationBookFairWhat you’re not in the Bay Area? That is okay you can still support our Back to School Book fair from September 3 to September 9th you can purchases your materials at Barnes and noble’s website and enter our book fair number! The flyer has all the information!

“Back to School” Book fair will offering fun family events! A Scavenger Hunt for adults and kids! Parent and child teams…who can build the best Lego structure? Don’t forget to bring this flyer with you even the purchase at the Starbucks inside the Walnut Creek Barnes and Noble supports AiN! Mark your calendar for September 6th and September 7th.

Get ready for our upcoming “Back to School” Book fair at Walnut Creek Barnes and Noble on September 6th and September 7th. Teachers make sure you purchase your needed supplies for your classrooms, and parents make sure you buy plenty of books for those reading logs!

Take the flyer and make sure you purchase supports AiN!

Print the flyer!

A Runner’s Story and How it can Help AiN

Jenny Vargo, AiN Board Member at her first 5K
Jenny Vargo, AiN Board Member at her first 5K
“Life is like running a marathon. We have to train, come alongside and help each other, take time to breathe, share our joys and trials. In the end, it will not be who wins or loses, but how well you ran the race.” –JMV

A runner? Me? Never! Ask my best friends from High School who walked the track with me. Ask my Mom and my swim coach- I’m a water baby! But with the birth of my daughter and the lack of access to a pool with childcare, I had to find another means of exercise.

After doing a bit of research, I figured I would try a treadmill first and use the app “Couch to 5K”. My first few attempts, I recall watching the clock begging for the next minute to end. I was gasping for air after a ½ mile. It seemed impossible, but after each run I felt amazing, and I was actually smiling. When I made it to 1 mile, I was jumping up and down. I felt like I accomplished something, even if it was small. The next few months had some ups and downs. I learned a lot about shin splints, stretching before or after, warm-ups, cool downs, and about the community of runners. This community has become such an amazing support in my growth as a runner. Every runner I have met has a story behind his or her love of running.

I have my own journey, my own story to becoming a runner. I have been running since July 2013 and finally, this March, I completed my first 5K. I was slow, but I finished well. The training, the words of encouragement, the accomplishment of completing something made me feel so thankful for this gift. I never, ever thought I would say that I enjoy running…But now…I LOVE it! It is the freedom, the accomplishment, the tiny bits of progress and the strength both inside and out that has kept me in this. Now it is my turn to encourage others to pursue potentially difficult, but rewarding activity.

Running is only a recent passion of mine; another passion that has brought me so much joy is working with families who have children with special needs. All in Need, Family Support is an organization that brings life, freedom and strength to families in need. We are excited to share that we have a virtual race in June that includes getting outside with YOUR favorite activity. A virtual race is a race done during specified days, but any location, on your own, in another race or with a friend. Do you like to walk, bike, swim, run, skip, move? Pick any or all of them and do it to support our families in need, our community. Once you have completed your activity, please post your event and time on our Facebook page. We also have a beautiful medal for you to remember your time spent “Springing into Summer for AiN”. Happy Moving!!

Virtual Race specifics:

Jenny, AiN Board Member, and Autumn, founder of AiN, St Patrick's Day Run
Jenny, AiN Board Member, and Autumn, founder of AiN, St Patrick’s Day Run

Who: Anyone
What: A virtual Run to benefit All in Need.
When: June 1st- 7th
Where: Anywhere
Why: Your donation will support AiN’s many families
How: Please sign up for our virtual race by going to and search for “Spring into Summer Run/walk/bike for AiN”.
Post: Please post your activity and time on our Facebook page once you have completed your event.
Award: A medal is YOURS for the keeping – to remember your accomplishment and for supporting All in Need.
Questions: Please email Jenny Vargo:

“The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.”
-John Bingham, running speaker and writer

Concord Flurry Shoot Fundraiser 2014

flurry 7Flurry Shoot Fundraiser with the Concord Sporstmen’s club is my all-time favorite fundraiser! Once again the Concord Sportsmen Club hosted a fundraiser for AiN! The group is always so welcoming and my family seems to fit right in. This year AiN’s board Treasure Sherly Morales joined us!

This year there were ten less shooters than last year, so it looked like it wasn’t going to be as successful as it was the year before. Jack the president of Concord Sportsmen’s Club was feeling bad. Even though the purpose of the Flurry Shoot is to raise funds for AiN we were just grateful to be invited again and enjoy the weather and the people! Even with ten less shooters, we exceeded last year’s collection. Thanks, in large, to the two men who just couldn’t get enough of the flurry shoot and kept coming back to buy additional rounds.
flurry 2
Jack ordered Kinder’s BBQ ribs which were amazing, and Leslie made her Baked Beans again this year, equally amazing. (If you ever get a chance t try Leslie’s Baked Beans you need to make sure you take the chance. I personally am not a fan of baked beans until Leslie walked into my life with her crockpot last year.) The club severed lunch for $5 to anyone willing to come in and purchase a ticket to eat! It was a great deal and a wonderful lunch.

Flurry 1There was also those who just gave, because they believe in All in Need’s Mission, so after four hours of spending time with a wonderful group we ended up receiving $630 which was $127 more than last year! I want to say thank you to Jack, Leslie, Tim, and Kim, and the others at Concord Sportsmen’s Club. We appreciate the hard work that you have put in for AiN. Jack and Leslie a special thank you for spending your anniversary supporting our cause! Kinder’s BBQ thank you for all you do for the community!

October 2013 Newsletter

October Newsletter is out. Upcoming events and a story shared about having a child with down syndrome in honor of down syndrome awareness month.

Make sure to check it out: October Newsletter.

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