SMPS Grant Awarded for 2017 Special Events

All in Need, Family Support (AiN) serves families with special needs children, ages 18 and under, who live in the East Bay area. AiN offers support in a nurturing and learning environment that promotes social interaction and gross and fine motor activities, all in a sensory based atmosphere.

Their “Special Events” are held several times throughout the year for the entire family to enjoy. These are age appropriate activities, offered in a mainstream setting, allowing for kids to participate in events in a safe and positive atmosphere. Whether enjoying decorating Cookies with Santa, exploring for eggs and prizes at the annual Easter Egg Hunt, or dressing up in the costumes and participating in safe and fun trick or treating at Trunk-or-Treat, these events are a unique and fun way for kids and families to get engaged. Because it is so important for families to share their stories and support each other, these events not only encourage friendships among AiN Children, but offer an opportunity for parents to network with other AiN families.

AiN was award a grant from SMPS Family Fund for $4,000 this month.The money is to be used for their special events program.   Funds will be used for:

Egg Hunt-The goal for 2017 is to serve 50 children with the goal of stuffing 1200 plastic eggs and giving out Easter Baskets valued at over $10! We plan on offering face painting, lawn games, and coffee and bagels to encourage more time to visit and build network within the special needs community!

Easter baskets will be filled with sensory activities and spring toys/games. These toys and games work on their gross and fine motor skills, for example: jump ropes, catch, baseball, coloring books, slinkies, and coloring crayons.  While  Easter Egg will be stuffed with sensory toys like:   small stress balls, ooze, bendable creatures, and sticky hands

Trunk or Treat-our goal  is to serve 60 children giving a chance for children to practice saying Trick or Treat with 30 community members or business owners. We also offer a dance session, carnival games,  and rent
a popcorn and serve Jamba Juice.  We would like for this event to encourage families to stay around longer and network with one another and also give children a chance to work on social skills they will need to develop: like taking turns, standing in short lines, and other social awareness skills.

Cookies with Santa-we hope to serve 60 children in four 45 minute sessions each with 15 children.  This allows children to develop skills like taking turns and sharing. During this event each child will get a chance to visit Santa, Mrs. Claus and an Elf as well as make a craft, decorate cookies, and enjoy a Christmas Sensory Activity. We also supply hot cocoa, coffee, bagels, and muffins for families to enjoy while networking with other families.  Usborne books for gifts from Santa, and each child will take home a stocking.

We are excited that SMPS has chosen to support our events another year!

If you would like more information on AiN programs or how you can support AiN visit their webpage at

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