Other Resources

Here you will find other resources within the community that you may find helpful to you and your child . These are not approved by AiN but have been mentioned by other AiN families who have used their services.

Community Resources:


— Autism Family Support Program

Our mission is to be a liaison of information and a social support for the autistic family member and the family at large. We strive to de-stigmatize autism and provide tools and resources that make it easier for parents to create a family environment that is inclusive and healthy for all family members.

— East Bay Autism Parents

Do you live in the East Bay Area of San Francisco, CA? Are you a parent/grandparent/teacher/caregiver of a child diagnosed with Autism? Then this group is for you!

— Mount Diablo Unified Community Advisory Committee on Special Education

The CAC sponsors this blog for everyone in the Mount Diablo Unified School District community who has an interest in special education and students with special needs.

— Regional Center

At the Regional Center of the East Bay we envision a future where people with developmental disabilities are truly a part of their community. We also recognize that individuals with developmental disabilities and their families have unique and changing needs. We seek to meet those needs by providing information and services that are community-based, flexible, accessible and responsive to each unique situation.

— Snip-its, Walnut Creek

 Snip-its is part of a national franchise that is tied to Autism Speaks and provides special training to staff throughout the country on working with children with Special Needs. We hire Stylists that not only enjoy working with children, but those that truly have the patience, heart, and drive that it takes to befriend each child and help them through the haircut process. They really work hard to gain their trust and gradually make strides to looking forward to visiting for haircuts. We have enjoyed watching children over the past year as they gained more and more comfort with haircuts.
While the salon is walk-in based, we do offer appointments for children with special needs. Our goal is to set up the environment in the most beneficial way for them. If they would do better with a quiet environment, we set appointments before we open. If they need a space alone, we have a separate room where we can do the haircuts. While we cater to kids under 10, we have one adult sized chair for use by any age.
We encourage families to visit prior to getting a haircut so the children become familiar with us and our environment. We also provide a role play sheet parents and professionals can use to practice the experience at home.


— We Care Services for Children

We Care provides children with special needs skills for a better start in life. Our program helps both parents and their children by starting early with a set of therapies and early-childhood education programs. We Care services can be either at our center or at the child’s home, or both, depending on the needs of the child and the wishes of the parent.

– Oak Park Christian Center

KidCompass provides educational and behavioral support to children 4 years old (toilet trained) through fifth grade with disabilities, during Sunday church services at 9:00 and 10:45 a.m. This ministry provides accommodations in order to facilitate Biblical learning and to promote positive fellowship and social interactions between children with and without disabilities. Our goal for these children is to include them in the programs we offer.


— Baseball
Concord Baseball Team

Concord Baseball Team Challengers Baseball-The Challenger Division of Little League Baseball is a program for mentally and physically disabled youths ages 5 to 18. The program is structured to enable these children to enjoy the full benefits of Little League participation in an athletic environment specifically structured to their abilities.

— Soccer
Concord Soccer Team

The VIP program is a unique division of AYSO for challenged players with physical, mental, or developmental limitations. For program information in the San Francisco East Bay, or to volunteer as a coach, assistant coach, or buddy, you may contact regional program directors Olga Saegert or Jen Schwartz by phone — (925) 405-6697

— Cheerleading

Special Needs TumblingThis class is for cheerleaders who have some special health and mental circumstances that sometimes limit their ability to be in a regular tumbling class or cheer team. Taught by Jodi Kandl the United State All‐Star Federations Special Needs Cheer Team Director.


— Active Reading Center

ARC teaches through activity-base and builds on a thorough, systematic progression of skills that builds confidence through a series of manageable challenges. The program is based on the Reading Revolution™ method, a phonics-based program that: engages every intelligence and learning style through MULTI-SENSORY ACTIVITIES including physical activities (like treasure hunts and races) interactive games (we have hundreds!) songs (a wonderful, fun tool) manipulatives (things you can hold in your hand and rearrange) activity book pages many other language opportunities The resulting program is fun and effective — even for the most challenged learners!


ACES utilizes a comprehensive set of proven therapeutic methodologies that are attributed to countless success stories. Our staff is trained in multiple therapies enabling us to create individualized and highly effective programming that is tailor made to your child’s development.

— A Hop, Skip, and Jump Ahead

— Speech Pathology Group

SPG is a team of highly regard Speech-Language Pathologists serving adults and children in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1989.