Welcome Home Zeus!

It wasn’t even two days after we lost Sam, our beloved pet, and Yaakov came to us and said I cannot make it without a dog.  Our neighbor offered to allow Yaakov to have cuddle time with their small dog. I offered it to Yaakov and he said, “the dog is too small. I need a big one that is heavy to lay on me to get my input out. I want a German Shepherd.” I told him we would start looking.

I told him we would start looking knowing Yaakov had always used Sam to help deal with his Anxiety and deep pressure for his sensory needs.  We started the search with local German Shepherd resuces. Then we found out ARF (Animal Resuce Foundation) had a German Shephered. It was five years old. I was hoping for a two year old dog who would be able to be around for Yaakov. The dog wasn’t adopted out after a couple of days, so my husband asked me to take the boys to see it. We walked into ARF and the German Shephered was there, but he had a room mate with him who was also a German Shephered. I asked to meet both. The first one, who was the five year old, wanted nothing to do with the boys. Just the ball! So, I asked to meet the second one, whos name was Rojo and we were told he was two years old. Rojo, came out first licked Austin hand, then mine, then Yaakov’s, and finally sat down in front of us and leaned against us. The three of us looked at each and said he is it.

We were not fond of the name Rojo. So, I said to the boys sepereately, you and your brother both like Greek Mythology. Why don’t we give him a Greek god name? ” They both said, “Zeus!”

So, Almighty Zeus became our new family member.  It didn’t take long for Zeus to bond with Yaakov. However, he isn’t the cuddler that Yaakov needs. We are working on that!  Zeus seems to fit into our active home enjoying two long walks a day. Working on getting him to be able to run with me. Loves playing in the kids pool!

They aren’t best friends yet, but you can never replace your first pet. The relationship will continue to grow and Zeus will soon be an important part of Yaakov’s daily life. Though it was a little fast to replace our Sam, we are thrilled to welcome Zeus into our home!



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