Here are some testimonials from parents who have enrolled their child in AiN!

Throughout the years you have continually touched our family’s heart and lives in such positive and impactful ways that we are overfilled with gratitude.

Most recently, at Cookies with Santa, Emily was able to have one of the best holiday experience possible. As you know, her disabilities do not allow her to be be able to enjoy the more transitional mall experiences with Santa. Trying this in previous years has always ensued extreme anxiety followed by an embarrassing meltdown. We’ve always longed for a positive experience with Santa for her and a nice photo to remember the occasion. This year, because of you your family and the all amazing volunteers at All in Need, we were merrily able to fulfill these wishes for Emily and our family.

Your creation of a non-threatening and non-judgmental environment that is filled with fun, love, support, sensory friendliness and familiarity, were she can take the lead and go at her pace is a Godsend.

You initially took the time to solely play reindeer games with her and she had such an amazing time doing that with you, that it broke the ice of her shyness and hesitation and set the tone for her to relax, feel comfortable, and safe and be able to enjoy and participate in the rest of the wonderful activities you offered.

We hope that you, your family, your volunteers sponsors, grantors, and supporters know just how important All in Need is to our family and the special needs community. We cannot say thank you enough and we are beyond grateful and blessed to have you as part of our family and lives.

With all our love and gratitude

-Michael, Heather & Emily Jones (December 2017)

“Rebecca LOVED AIN events. We could never tell her when they were planned otherwise she wouldn’t sleep the night before. We signed up for the Easter Egg event. When my daughter was unable to attend, Autumn brought the EASTER BUNNY and egg basket to Rebecca. She loved it. She asked to hold the fluorescent eggs in her hand for several days afterwards. AIN events were the last two social events she participated in before she passed away in March. I can’t thank Autumn and AIN enough for making my daughter’s life that much better in her last weeks.”

-Racheal Shirley  (April 2016)

“Excellent program! It was “just enough.” Our son is headed off to dreamland. He’s happy and looking forward to the next Revive Night.” 

-Janelle Decker Molony (Cookies with Santa 2015)

“Our family is still surprised, smiling, and honored by the generous donation made by All in Need towards our medical expenses this challenging year. We greatly appreciate the continual kindness of Autumn Green and All in Need. We are blessed to have support and love of such wonderful people. We are also thank our wonderful friend Kellie Conde and her lovely family for introducing us to AiN and the role they played in this much appreciated gift. Thank you all for embodying the spirit of the holidays every day of the year!” 

-Stephanie Cook  (Recipient of 2015 Angel Fund)


“Thanks you so much for this wonderful event, not only did my daughter have a great time but me and my whole family did as well. For me, I get very stressed out when I feel I have to explain my daughter’s behaviors to people. (why she doesn’t say trick or treat, or thank you, or hello) for me not having the pressure of having to explain that  or worry that people think she is being rude was priceless to me. What you do is amazing, and I would love to help support the All in Need organization in any way I can. Thank you again. Xx”

-Danette Schmidt Niblett (Trunk or Treat 2015)

“Cannot sing the praises about Autumn and AiN enough. Autumn works endlessly to bring these wonderful events to the community each month. Her special events are a godsend for kiddos who might have a hard time with similar events in a larger setting. I know first hand how devoted she is to these kids and I can honestly says she loves my son with all her heart. And the feeling is more than mutual. There are very, very few people that are not only able and willing to watch my little guy, but that I would trust to watch him. Autumn and her staff meet all the my requirements, and then some. We are so very blessed to have met her and have her and AiN in our lives.” 

-Angie Reese

“It keeps us sane to know that we have All in Need’s monthly respite session to look forward to.”

-Joni Fortini (Revive Program)