Saying Goodbye to His Best Friend and Companion

Saying good bye is hard for everyone. Watching Yaakov have to say good bye to his best friend and lifelong support was horrible to watch.

We adopted Sam from a rescue in Oregon when Yaakov was 3 years old. Sam was a hound Shepard mix. Was very protective of his family especially his “boy” Yaakov.

Moving to California we had to give him away, but after living down in East Bay we were able to find a place where we could get an animal again. Instead of rushing out and getting one. We asked if the people who had taken Sam would be willing to give him back to us. Thankfully they said yes and our family was reunited with our much loved pet.

It didn’t take long for Sam and Yaakov to become buddy buddy again. You would tell Sam to go lay down with his boy and he would go find Yaakov. If you said where is your kid he would go locate Austin. Jacob would hug me and Sam would go crazy barking.  He never took food off of a plate even if it was left in the middle of the living room on the floor. He was will trusted with human food, and even more so with Yaakov and Yaakov’s mood swings. He sensed when Yaakov was upset and he would go locate him and allow Yaakov to pull the 75lb dog on to him to help him ground himself. If Yaakov was just upset and asked Sam to get in bed with him the dog would lay down next to him until Yaakov’s mood would improve.

Then Friday early morning Sam woke up throwing up in the middle of the night.  He seemed happy enough as we cleaned the mess up. In the morning, I noticed that Sam had made it out to the living room but didn’t eat breakfast and didn’t want to go out. When I got home from dropping off the boys and by 9:30 am he barely was picking up his head. My husband came home and make him chicken and rice and was able to get water down him.

Saturday morning, Yaakov had a soccer game and I decided to stay home just to make sure Sam was okay. As the day progress he seemed like he was improving. Yet, my gut feeling was he will not make it truth the week.  By Saturday evening, he wasn’t going outside for enjoyment, but he was getting up and going outside to go the bathroom.

Sunday, Yaakov had another soccer game and Austin stayed home with Sam and gave him water every hour. When we came home Sam couldn’t stand anymore, so we knew it was time to take him in and say our goodbyes.

It was hard on all of us, but extremely hard on Yaakov. Losing his dog was causing massive anxiety and he used his dog to help control the anxiety.  After laying Sam down.  With tears running down Yaakov face he said to me, “they killed him”

But, he was my best friend……


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