Concord Sportsman’s Club Supports AiN 2017

Concord Sportsmen’s Club hosted another fundraiser for All in Need, Family Support (AiN). this year their skeet shooting brought in lots of people to enjoy the weather and fun.  This is the fifth year Concord Sportsmen’s Club has hosted this event for us, and it was wonderful to see so many returning faces.

April 15th happened to be a very busy day for AiN’s Executive Director, Autumn Green. AiN first was there to greet people who were participating in the fundraiser and then AiN had they monthly respite event, Revive.

Thanks to Concord Sportsmen’s Club, AiN received $1,292. One of my girl friends won the grand prize. A new shot gun.

As always, this particular fundraiser happens to be one of the best and the Green family loves going out there each year. Thank you for another year of support!

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