Board of Directors

All in Need's board members

Stacie MihalikStacie Mihalik, Vice Chair

Stacie Mihalik epitomizes the energy, empathy and attention to detail needed to deliver a stellar customer experience. Stacie grew up in the San Francisco Bay area and her passion for exceeding customers’ expectations began during her tenure at Nordstrom, a company that excels at customer service. Since then, she has built a successful career in marketing over the last 15 years, helping companies optimize customer touch points, streamline marketing communications, and develop content that matters.

Beginning her career at boutique investment management firms in Los Angeles, Stacie then worked at a Cleveland bank’s headquarters, enticing customers in a corporate environment and winning recognition via HACR’s Young Hispanic Corporate Achiever program. Back in the San Francisco Bay area, Stacie launched into innovation related marketing and is excited about continuing to invent desire through car related technology with AAA.

Stacie holds a bachelor’s degree from UCLA and a Master of Business Administration degree from the Michigan State University where she studied marketing and finance.

Kelly Freet, Secretary


Sherly D. MoralesSherly D. Morales, Treasurer

Sherly D. Morales is All in Need, Family Support’s wonderful Treasurer. She was born in Nicaragua and her family immigrated to San Francisco when she was four years old. At home she spoke Spanish with her parents and learned English in school and with her friends. She was the middle child and cared for her younger sister, who taught her how to be a nurturer at a very young age.

Sherly attended elementary through high school in Vallejo, CA, then went on to Diablo Valley College where she completed her general education; she then transferred to San Jose State University where in 2008 she received a Bachelor of Arts in psychology, with a minor in social work.

She has worked for Bank of America since 2003, and has always enjoyed staying involved with the community. She has volunteered at several different organizations in the Bay Area including Sacred Heart in San Jose, the Food Bank of Contra Costa County in Concord, and All in Need, Family Support where she began volunteering as a Group Leader and then went on to becoming Treasurer in 2014.

“All in Need allows me to channel certain attributes I may not have a chance to fulfill otherwise. It’s wonderful to witness the growth and be a part of such a wonderful nonprofit organization like All in Need!”

Kellie CondeKellie Conde, Sub-Committee Chair

Kellie Conde is All in Need, Family Support’s Sub-Committee Chair. Kellie is married with two beautiful children, Brandon and Karly, one whom is on the autism spectrum. Kellie grew up in the Bay Area and attended California State University, East Bay where she received her bachelor’s degree in sociology, then her master’s in rehabilitation counseling at San Francisco State University. She also has her Learning Disability Certification from Sacramento State, and has been a Disability Support Services Counselor at Diablo Valley College for the past eight years.

Having hearing loss herself, Kellie understands the challenges of having a disability. When she learned of Brandon’s diagnosis she immediately began seeking support for him and is very proud of the accomplishments he has made. Kellie is very involved in the special needs community, and often facilitates play dates for special needs kids. She warmly welcomes new families and finds that not only are the interactions great for the kids, but also a great support system for the parents. As Kellie says, “It’s a chance to be with others who really get it.

Kellie joined AiN after meeting Autumn through AiN’s annual Easter Egg Hunt. “After two unsuccessful egg hunts in years past it was so refreshing and exciting to see my son being able to safely participate in an event that often leaves our family filled with frustrations and tears. I am excited to continue to encourage more families to utilize AIN’s services and raise awareness for others that need additional support.”

Angie Reese, Board Member

Angie was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota and attended college in Wisconsin where she earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology.
Growing up in Minnesota, she discovered a passion for giving back to her community. She volunteered in various capacities for many groups including the Animal Humane Society, St. Stephens Homeless Shelter, Harvest Food bank and Habitat for Humanity.
Her career has included holding many positions in several relocation firms and becoming Client Services Director for an international relocation company specializing in government contracts and bids.  She has traveled extensively in her career and has been privileged to meet and work with individuals from all corners of the globe.
Through a chance meeting at a music festival in Wisconsin, she met her future husband, Mike and after a long distance romance, she relocated to the bay area.  Together they have three children, Jack, Josie and Jorja. Jack’s diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder brought new challenges and opportunities alike. It was at We Care’s summer camp where they first met Autumn and learned of the wonderful organization of All in Need.
Her son, Jack, was instantly bonded to Autumn and gave her the name she was destined to have, Awesome!
Becoming actively involved in the special needs community has brought out a new focus and drive to help other families access the services, support and community that is crucial to their success and happiness.