About Autumn


All in Need, Family Support is a family organization—from the ground up! Director, Autumn Green, is inspired and supported by her husband and two sons.

Austin Green, the oldest son, loves to work with small children and children with special needs. With his own unique challenges, Austin lives with Psoriasis and ADHD. He is gifted with patience and a strong desire to change the world. Austin assists with prep for All in Need events with a giving and loving heart, joining fundraisers like 30 Hour Famine for World Vision, or Walk to Cure Psoriasis. You will find Austin dancing hip-hop and break-dancing when he isn’t trying to get out of school work.

Yaakov Green, the youngest son, inspires his family and others around him with his incredible strength. Despite countless hours spent in doctors’ office, therapy sessions,and tutoring, Yaakov has persevered and become a remarkable young man. Yaakov is always willing to share his toys and what he calls “squeeshies” for All in Need events. Yaakov has a love and a gift for playing soccer and baseball.

Green Family in SFJacob Green, an energy engineer, married Autumn in April of 1999. Due to a head-on collision just before their wedding, Jacob’s injuries left him unable to work. But he soon returned to school and graduated, then relocated his family to the East Bay area to take a job opportunity in  San Francisco. An active father with a great sense humor, you will find Jacob on the sidelines of both his boys’ games and activities. Together, Jacob and Autumn support their children and make sure they both have opportunities to become the young men they are destined to be. Jacob has supported Autumn throughout the design and launch of All in Need, Family Support, and these days you will find him assisting with all the technical equipment and programming.

Autumn is the founder of All in Need, Family Support. She holds a degree in Business Administration from Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon and is currently working on her Bachelors in multi-subject teaching with a goal to receive credentials in mild to moderate classroom and also in moderate and severe classroom.

Autumn’s own family story is the reason All in Need, Family Support began. Having a 15 year old son with ADHD and Psoriasis she has spent countless time in the office and talking on the phone with teacher’s about her son’s lack of focus. Even more, her youngest son 14 years old has Aspergers and it was her struggle to find the support and treatment Yaakov needed while she felt alone and isolated. Autumn was met with dead-ends at every turn, and frustration and hopelessness threatened to overwhelm her. After years of perseverance, the Green’s lives have settled into more of a routine and Yaakov is doing better, thanks to countless rounds of speech therapy, OT, PT, many dedicated tutors and teachers, and the support, love, and discipline of his family.

Autumn continues to support and advocate for both her boys, while balancing an active life. From these experiences, Autumn decided to create a support system for other families with special needs children, and All in Need, Family Support was born. Autumn is also a member of the Community Advisory Committee on Special Education at Mount Diablo Unified School District (CAC) and chairs the CAC Blog. Autumn is a full time volunteer at All in Need, sits on a steering committee for preschool in Benicia, volunteers at her church and her boy’s school, and can most likely be seen running down the street training for a half marathon.