About AiN

We all face similar joys and challenges, successes and setbacks as we strive to support our child with special needs in the best way we can, while still continuing all the typical activities of family life: work, play, school, church, and more. Sometimes this can be overwhelming, and that’s where All in Need comes in.
We want to provide you with a little calm in the storm—a little relief from the pressure that starts to weigh you down. Revive, our respite care program gives you the chance to take care of yourself, so in turn you can take better care of your children.Child holding up valentine's day card

Bring your child with special needs to Revive, our respite program, and they will spend three hours in a nurturing and learning environment under the supervision of our trained volunteers (in a one-to-five volunteer to child ratio). These sessions promote social interactions and allow children to participate in gross and fine motor activities in a sensory-based atmosphere.

Special Events
Special Events are held several times throughout the year for the entire family to enjoy. These age appropriate activities, offered in a mainstream setting, allow for kids to participate in events in a safe and positive atmosphere. Whether enjoying decorating cookies with Santa, exploring for eggs and prizes at annual Easter Egg Hunt, or dressing up in costumes and participating in safe and fun trick or treating at Trunk-or-Treat, these events are unique and fun way for kids and families to get engaged. Because it is so important for families to share their stories and support each other, these events not only encourage friendships among AiN Children, but offer an opportunity for parents to network with other AiN families.